16 March 2018

System Design Power-to-X

The Power-to-X concept aims to produce electricity, hydrogen, heat and service water sustainably. By converting electricity into heat and then storing the heat in the subsurface, we can achieve a better match between energy demand and supply. The advantage of this concept is that the electricity grid does not need to be reinforced under energy surplus conditions. The energy generated is used to convert the harvested rainwater into demiwater. Using electrolysis, the demiwater is then converted into hydrogen, which will fuel cars and busses in the future.

Shift to realisation after technical feasibility

Energy demand and supply are steadily drifting apart. This is because the supply of green energy is growing, while the demand for energy is extremely diverse. To bring about a balance between demand and supply, the various energy sources, and its storage and consumption have to be intelligently interconnected.

In the ongoing TKI project, ‘Power-to-X’, the partners are elaborating the concept in order to produce electricity, hydrogen, heat and service water in a sustainable manner.