18 December 2018

ENERGY: wind, solar,.. and WATER

Roadshow WiCE

On Friday 14 December the Dutch and Flamish watersector presented various projects and initiatives related to the role of water in the energy transition. It is clear that in this context water can play an important role and strengthen the possibilities of wind and solar energy. Estimated is that heat from surface water, waste water and drinking water could be in the range of about 40 – 50% of the demand of heat needed for Dutch houses. In the energy transition storage is crucial. Energy from solar and wind can be converted into heat which can temporarily be stored in subsurface aquifers. Moreover energy can also be converted into hydrogen gas which can be used to strengthen the sustainable mobility. The roadshow was organized by  the Dutch Watercompany Groningen and KWR in the context of the joint research program Water in the Circular Economy (WiCE).

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