KWR Henk-Jan van Alphen by KWR Henk-Jan van Alphen
28 November 2019

Multiple Value Creation, The New Normal

On November 26, 2019 KWR organized meeting in the context of Water in the Circular Economy. With focus on three pilots where KWR and various partners are researching multiple value creation: using a single means to achieve multiple goals. These goals are related to the transition to sustainable energy, climate adaptation and circularity....

Creating multiple value for the challenges of the future

Multiple value creation is probably not yet a familiar expression for everybody. But it certainly is for the participants of the WiCE ‘Water in the Circular City’ Roadshow’, who came together on 26 November in Helmond to discuss the development of sustainable districts. The roadshow is a component of the collective ‘Water in the Circular Economy’ (WiCE) research programme, an initiative of the Dutch and Flemish water utilities and KWR. WiCE’s objective is contribute to meeting the societal challenges regarding the circular economy, climate adaptation and the sustainable energy transition. ...

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