Future Values As Drivers For Cooperation

Future Values As the Basis for Multiple Investments Sharing Costs and Generating Extra Income by Hanneke Puts, Jurgen van der Heijden :: SSRN

9 Pages Posted: 2 Jan 2018 TNO Strategy and Policy AT Osborne Date Written: May 18, 2017 Abstract Thinking in terms of future values shows that one investment creates opportunities for a subsequent one. Consecutive investments and the accumulation of future values offer possibilities for multiple financing and can boost the quality of the living environment in an area. This paper shows how in a polder in Gouda, the Netherlands, three separate issues can be integrally resolved. A football pitch is in need of renovation. The pitch must be disconnected from the sewer, and to ensure the area is climate-proof, sufficient water storage and drainage is necessary. Failing to work together now on consecutive investments would be a wasted opportunity. The start of a ‘future values ladder’ is present: investment in the playability of the field, water storage, drainage and disconnecting the sewer. The ladder can extend even higher, as the initial investments also create future value for future investments in climate adaptation, water purification, maintenance and an improved living environment. The biggest challenge is not the technology but integral financing. In this paper, we develop the concept of consecutive investments and the accumulation of future values, as a basis for multiple financing and as an...

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