17 July 2019

What will be on your plate in 2050?

As the world population will increase to over nine billion in 2050, the supply of sufficient food, energy and water presents huge challenges worldwide. There is no obvious universal solution. What we need are local, situation-oriented tailored solutions, partly based on creative, cross-sectoral thinking. In the first instance, this approach calls for a precise picture of the relevant raw material streams in a defined area. Once this is obtained, the options can be defined.

One of the options to produce proteins in a water- and energy-efficient way could be by using the Power-to-Protein concept. In this concept hydrogen oxidising bacteria use green hydrogen and mineral components from residual materials to produce single-cell proteins in a very efficient way. The concept could be a key link in the water-food- nexus.

So, are you interested in what will be on your plate in 2050? Where does this food come from? And how is it made? In the Food of Tomorrow exhibition, NEMO Science Museum takes you on a food journey into the future.

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