KWR Kees Roest by KWR Kees Roest
25 April 2019

Stories about Cape Town’s Drought & Water Scarcity

Jessica Toale with Impact Human, a not-for-profit organisation, published the stories of seven people, all uniquely impacted by prolonged drought and water insecurity in Cape Town and surrounding areas. A long-term plan is needed to solve Cape Town’s water crisis and it needs to take into account the co-benefits of: climate resiliency and mitigation, emissions reductions, community engagement, and fostering social equity....

Cape Town's Drought & Water Scarcity — Impact Human

Project Summary Photography by: Jessica Toale WORDS by: Jessica Toale & Martha Molfetas edited by: MARTHA MOLFETAS April 2019 On the ground: August 2018 In August 2018, Jessica Toale spent about two weeks in Cape Town, as part of a journey she took to spend time living and working in ten different countries last year. During her time in Cape Town, she worked closely with Impact Human staff to collaborate on this unique and pressing project. She interviewed seven people, both in Cape Town and in surrounding areas. She spoke with a water management expert, farmers impacted by long term drought, community activists, and others all adapting to life at 50 liters a day. In February 2018, the City of Cape Town set out restrictions to manage an increasingly scarce and vital resource – water. After dam levels reached just over a third of capacity, the City implemented a strict 50 liter per person per day water ration. Using in excess of this results in fines. But some who call Cape Town home do not have full access to water. Many in poorer areas have to queue up to collect water everyday, and rarely use more than the 25 liters they can carry. The water crisis has...

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