KWR Kees Roest by KWR Kees Roest
04 April 2019

Recycling for cobalt & lithium is imprtant for climate change

Renewable technologies (such as electric vehicles, solar panels and wind turbines) cause increased demand for cobalt and lithium. However, global supplies of both minerals are not projected to meet demand, with research forecasting shortfalls in the coming decade. Recycling of cobalt and lithium is essential to heading off predicted metal shortfalls, empowering clean energy transitions and reducing risk of human exploitation, so recycling contributes to the achievement of the SDGs....

Sustainability and Second Life: Integrating the circular economy into the cobalt and lithium supply chains

As part of the circular economy, mineral recycling has the potential to overcome these supply chain issues by extracting metals and minerals from products and infrastructure no longer in use. This model involves a shift away from the linear supply chain. Lithium and cobalt can also enter post-first-life uses through the processes of reuse or remanufacturing. Reuse refers to using a product again for either its original purpose or one similar without significant modification; remanufacturing refers to the process of retrieving the individual components of a product and restoring them to as-new condition. ...

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