KWR Kees Roest by KWR Kees Roest
07 December 2018

Policy note about mineral mining exploration

Newcastle University and the International Union of Geological Sciences published a policy note about what is needed to ensure the future of mineral resources for addressing climate change. To make any far reaching progress in producing the required sustainable technologies for curbing carbon emissions, strategies are needed to ensure the future supply of minerals, including exploration and mining. According to the authors recycling alone is not enough to satisfy present let alone anticipated future demand globally....

Policy Notes - Global Challenges

Policy Notes from Newcastle University relevant to the Sustainable Development Goals. Ensuring future supply of minerals for climate action The use of mined mineral resources globally is important for producing clean technology, but a decline in mining exploration is endangering future supply. A strategy is necessary that identifies future demand, tracks mineral use, coordinates where and how to explore and extract minerals, identifies new technologies and encourages the use of recyclable metals. Policy Note Ensuring future supply of minerals for climate action ...

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