19 March 2018

Circular Water 2050

The project “Circular Water 2050 – impact and opportunities of the ‘fully circular in 2050’ target for an urban watercycle” falls under the WiCE “Resource Efficiency” research area. The project’s aim is to develop a vision and roadmap(s) for the water sector, with a view to the national ‘A Circular Economy in the Netherlands by 2050’ programme. The project involves the raw material efficiency in the urban watercycle, including the extraction and reuse of raw materials. We will generate insights into where action is needed to bring about, or increase, circularity, and what the consequences might be.

A circular economy revolves around an efficient management of raw materials, including energy and water. Materials are given a second life through upgrading into renewable raw materials or through their reuse. The water sector translates this quest by cutting its use of the usual raw materials and by seeking alternatives for them through joint, practice-oriented research. The sector also works on the recovery and reuse of raw materials in the urban watercycle, which should reduce the emission of substances into the environment.

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