06 June 2019

Call for Nominations is now open: IWA Resource Recovery Cluster – Best Practice Award 2019

IWA is now calling for nominations for the IWA Resource Recovery Cluster: Best Practice Award 2019. Driven by environmental, economic, and ecological benefits, resource recovery from waste has started to draw attention worldwide. Recovering resources from water and wastewater can provide an alternative and economically viable source of resources supporting the resilience of human and natural systems under water stress. Resources from the water cycle can be water itself, energy (organic or thermal) and components such as nutrients and metals.

Partnered with Watershare®, IWA recognises best practices in resource recovery applied at full or demonstrative scale in the water cycle, which can serve as an excellent example for another country, area, or company. The Best Practice on Resource Recovery from Water online platform maintained by Watershare showcases examples of best practices, including those of the former winners of the award.

The international evaluation committee will review and judge the submissions:

  • Willy Verstraete, Chairman (IWA Resource Recovery Cluster, Belgium)
  • Glen Daigger (IWA Past President, USA)
  • Haydee De Clippeleir (DC Water, USA)
  • Jurg Keller (University of Queensland, Australia)
  • Staffan Filipsson (IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute, Sweden)
  • Miriam Otoo (International Water Management Institute, Sri Lanka)

The following criteria will be used to select the best practice in resource recovery from water:

  • Innovative character of the best practice in resource recovery
  • Replication potential
  • Positive environmental impact
  • Active cooperation with all stakeholders within the value chain of the recovered resource
  • Positive business case

To submit your nomination, please complete the nomination application form before 15 June 2019 here.

Complete all fields in the online application and upload all required documents. An incomplete entry will NOT be accepted or reviewed.

Self-nominations are encouraged and welcomed. The winner will be notified before 31 July 2019. Please note, only successful applicants will be contacted.

Nominations for the award must be made by a current IWA member and can only be submitted through the online form.

The award will be presented during the 3rd IWA International Resource Recovery Conference in Venice, Italy, 8-12 September 2019.

The winner will receive a trophy and certificate honouring their best practice, and will be invited to present the best practice during the conference. The winner will also receive interviews for IWA communications, e.g. the IWA magazine The Source and/or IWA website. All qualifying cases will be shown on the Best Practice on Resource Recovery from Water platform.

For all enquiries, please contact Ms. Kambiri Cox at kambiri.cox@iwahq.org.