KWR Kees Roest by KWR Kees Roest
11 December 2018

California – water management challenge

Nate Engle write in a blog about a visit of Botswana government study tour to California about water management. In Orange County they take treated sewer water, purify it to near distilled water quality, and then recharge it back into the groundwater basin for future extraction and treatment as drinking water. California also uses water from the Colorado River Basin and applies sea water desalination....

California, here we come!

“California, here we come!” I was singing this phrase in my head all morning a few weeks ago as I flew from Washington DC to Los Angeles to accompany a Government of Botswana study tour delegation. The phrase comes from a song by the group Phantom Planet and is the anthemic intro for the mid-2000s television series “The OC” (OC, standing for Orange County). I know it’s cheesy, but I really love this song. So do my children. They obsess over the melody as we gear up for our annual trip to visit extended family in the great Golden State. To them, it represents a new world, different landscapes, excitement, and that all-too-familiar pull of the western USA…possibility. To me it represents many of the same things, but for this trip it was ringing in my ears for related, albeit slightly different reasons. On that flight I was still thinking of this lure of the possible, but specifically related to the topic of water. The possibility to thrive with very little water in a semi-arid desert climate. California has mastered this skill, and we were there to learn from some of the very best examples that the state has to offer. Botswana...

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