Book ‘Resource recovery from waste’ launched at the World Water Week

World Water Week - SIWI

With rapid increases in urban population and consumption per capita threaten to stretch the planet’s capacity to sustain growth beyond its limits; a paradigm shift from waste ‘treatment for disposal’ to ‘treatment for reuse’ is imperative. This publication shows how nutrients, energy and water can be recovered from waste to avoid unregulated disposal, while capturing the economic value associated with reuse to ensure a sustainable sanitation chain and healthy urban ecosystem. It provides a compendium of business options for energy, nutrients and water recovery via 24 innovative business models based on an in-depth analysis of over 70 empirical cases, of which 47 real examples from around the world are described and evaluated in a systematic way. The success of RRR business models are noted to rely on the presence of an enabling environment, such as laws and regulations, strong capital markets, consumer advocacy, to name a few. These findings underline the critical role of governments in making the Circular Economy a reality. The launch of this publication at the Stockholm World Water Week will significantly increase the awareness for closed loop processes for urban resilience and sustainable urban ecosystems in different geographical contexts. Gold standard events are committed to ensure the gender balance...

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