KWR Kees Roest by KWR Kees Roest
08 August 2018

Blog about needed wastewater treatment & reuse in India

Ranjan Panda posted a blog with reaction to the Niti Ayog Composite Water Management Index (CWMI) 2018. There is water scarcity in India as well as a lot of water pollution. Seventy percent of India’s water resources are contaminated and the country is placed at 120th position amongst 122 countries in the water quality index. Contamination of water leads to 20 percent of disease burden of the country, so drastic and rapid measures are needed....

India needs big policy push for treatment and reuse of urban wastewater

News of water scarcity fuels a lot of hue and cry in the nation, however when it comes to discussions about solutions we find very less engagement of people across all the sections of the society. It is an irony that when the Niti Ayog released its Composite Water Management Index (CWMI) 2018, the scary water scarcity situation of India got huge media attention. In reality, the Niti Ayog report hardly says anything new about the water crisis we face today. Most of the data it uses are already in public domain. What’s new is the fact that the admission comes from a government body. What is also new is that the government think tank projects an intent to do something systematically through the developed index. The index is the beginning of a new era of water management, the Niti Ayog claims. It would take at least half a decade to see if this index is technically working and then it can be modified. However, it will take at least thirty years, in my opinion, to gauge the effectiveness of an index in managing India’s water resources sustain ably. I say thirty years because that is the minimum period climate scientists take to understand...

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