Water is essential for all life, while diamonds only sparkle, but are much more expensive

HLPF 2018: Valuing water coalition wants to bring SDG6 within reach

HLPF 2018: Valuing water coalition wants to bring SDG6 within reach Posted on 19 July 2018 ‘Why is water cheaper than diamonds?’, that was the opening phrase of Dutch environmental state secretary Stientje van Veldhoven at the launch of the Valuing water initiative by Peru, South Africa, Bangladesh, Mexico and the Netherlands. ‘Water is essential for all life. Compare that to a diamond, which doesn’t do much more than sparkle!’, the Dutch state secretary (on top photo) continued and marked the fact that prices for water services hardly reflect the real value. Therefore, investments in water facilities leg behind. The Valuing water initiative by five countries wants to draw up an agenda for action and release investment strategies, to simulate investments in water facilities that also benefits to better public health, more food production, sustainable development and better protection of ecosystems, especially clean fresh water resources. The initiative was launched during the United Nations’ High Level Political Forum (HLPF) in New York on 17 July. Deputy minister Miguel Ruiz Cabañas of Multilateral Affairs and Human Rights spoke on behalf of the Mexican government. Water is off track The launch at the High Level Political Forum responses to the recent evaluation by the United Nations of Sustainable Development Goal 6...

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