07 November 2019

CE Targets

To steer the transition to a circular economy it is important to set targets. However, so far current policy targets aiming at e.g. recovery and recycling do not necessarily promote a circular economy. To bridge this gap, Morseletto (2020) presents CE targets that reduce waste, increase efficiency, close production loops, and maximise retention of the economic value of materials and products.

“New targets are needed because existing are limited to a few issues (e.g. recycling, efficiency improvement) and only cover limited arrays of CE solutions, such as recycling or efficiency (Ranta et al., 2018; Bjørn et al., 2017; Milios, 2016). However, CE goes beyond these solutions; it involves aspects like closed loops or value retention at higher levels (e.g. long-life, remanufacturing, etc.), which should be considered in a systematic analysis.”

Morseletto Targets for a circular economy 2020.