25 July 2019

WiCE Roadshow – Efficient (re)use of water for a robust freshwater supply

Our freshwater supply will be under increasing pressure. Safeguarding the freshwater supply for all involved sectors (drinking water, industry, agriculture, nature) over the long term requires a cross-sectoral approach, in which the different sectors work together in seeking solutions for their own and each other’s water demand and water supply issues.

What are the opportunities and risks of the reuse of effluent streams (recycled water) for freshwater supply? This and other questions will be discussed at the WiCE Roadshow on the efficient (re)use of water for a robust freshwater supply, organized together with Brabant Water, Water Board Brabantse Delta and STOWA.

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Read more: https://www.kwrwater.nl/en/projecten/efficient-hergebruik-van-water-voor-een-robuuste-zoetwatervoorziening/


10 October 2019 12AM – 5 PM | Perron 3: Hoff van Hollantlaan 1, Rosmalen, the Netherlands