KWR Ruud Bartholomeus by KWR Ruud Bartholomeus
31 May 2018

Recycled water as new source of water

"wastewater should no longer be considered as waste but, rather, as a new resource to be handled in a circular economy-type loop" (Ait-Mouheb et al. 2018). Using recycled water for irrigation may impact on public health and the environment, but it could also serve as a new source of water. This topic is not only relevant in Southern Europe, but is increasingly gaining attention in the Netherlands as well, as there is an increased mismatch between (agricultural) water supply and demand. The review of Ait-Mouheb et al. provides insight in the topic, ranging from technical to societal issues....

The reuse of reclaimed water for irrigation around the Mediterranean Rim: a step towards a more virtuous cycle?

Author(s):Ait-Mouheb, N. | Bahri, A. | Thayer, B.B. | Benyahia, B. | Bourrié, G. | Cherki, B. | Condom, N. | Declercq, R. | Gunes, A. | Héran, M. | Kitir, N. | Molle, B. | Patureau, D. | Pollice, A. | Rapaport, A. | Renault, P. | Riahi, K. | Romagny, B. | Sari, T. | Sinfort, C. | Steyer, J.-P. | Talozi, S. | Topcuoglu, B. | Turan, M. | Wéry, N. | Yıldırım, E. | Harmand, J. Publication year: 2018 Journal / Book title: Regional Environmental Change Access all results for your search in Scopus ...

  • "climate change" water reuse
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