KWR Ruud Bartholomeus by KWR Ruud Bartholomeus
17 January 2019

Groundwater recharge with wastewater: the soil as natural filter

At the Penn State’s Living Filter Site ( the land application of wastewater effluent is investigated. Land application may be beneficial for recharging groundwater aquifers, but it may also avoid direct discharge of pollutants to the surface waters. The site allows to investigate many relevant topics, like the potential pollution of aquifers with 'contaminants of emerging concern'. In this paper the fate of pharmaceuticals in the soil system is investigated for a spray-irrigation system. This knowledge is not only relevant for direct reuse of treated wastewater for irrigation purposes, but also for (unintentional) indirect reuse from surface waters that consist of treated wastewater. ...

Fate of pharmaceuticals in a spray-irrigation system: From wastewater to groundwater

Author(s):Kibuye, F.A. | Gall, H.E. | Elkin, K.R. | Ayers, B. | Veith, T.L. | Miller, M. | Jacob, S. | Hayden, K.R. | Watson, J.E. | Elliott, H.A. Publication year: 2019 Journal / Book title: Science of the Total Environment Access all results for your search in Scopus ...

  • "water reuse" "agriculture"
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