09 September 2019

Cities should actively address citizens to reduce urban flooding

Heavy rainfall is increasing in frequency and severity due to climate change. Cities, like Utrecht, are particularly susceptible to flooding from rainfall because of their large share of built and hardened surfaces. This prevents rainwater from infiltrating and generates an increase in the pluvial flood risk of urban areas. How can cities deal with this issue? A study by Human Geography & Spatial Planning student Romy Brockhoff shows that citizens may play an essential role.

Romy Brockhoff wrote a bachelor thesis on the governance arrangements for rain induced floods in Utrecht. Her supervisors Steven (Stef) Koop and Karin Snel considered it to be of such high quality that they jointly adapted it to a scientific article, which was consequently published in ‘Water’, a prominent open access Journal on water science, technology, management and governance. The article is the outcome of interdisciplinary collaboration between the department of Human Geography & Spatial Planning, the department of Environmental Governance and the KWR Water Research Institute.

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