About the Circonomist

KWR has launched The Circonomist news site in collaboration with Dutch water companies and the Flemish De Watergroep. The English-language online newspaper aims to become an international source of trade and scientific news on the water, energy and food nexus in the circular economy.

The trigger for KWR’s creation of The Circonomist was the start of the ‘Water in the Circular Economy’ research programme at the beginning of the year. In this programme water companies work together with partners in the watercycle on major societal challenges, like those of the ‘Circular Economy in the Netherlands by 2050 Programme’, the energy transition and climate adaptation. The following are The Circonomist’s regular sections:

How does The Circonomist work?

The editors of The Circonomist in the start-up phase are KWR researchers who are experts regarding water in the circular economy. Their articles draw the readers’ attention to important Dutch and international news in their professional field. Thanks to their scientific background and multiple years of practical experience, they are able to place and interpret the news within a broader context. Whenever possible, the newspaper also refers to relevant scientific literature and to the practical experience gained in projects. A good example of the latter is the waterbuffer in Rotterdam under the Sparta Stadium.