CE Targets
by Stefania Munaretto PhD

To steer the transition to a circular economy it is important to set targets. However, so far current policy targets aiming at e.g. recovery and recycling do not necessarily promote a circular economy. To bridge this gap, Morseletto (2020) presents CE targets that reduce waste, increase efficiency, close production loops, and maximise retention of the economic value of materials and products.

Resource efficiency
What will be on your plate in 2050?
What will be on your plate in 2050?
by Frank Oesterholt MSc

As the world population will increase to over nine billion in 2050, the supply of sufficient food, energy and water presents huge challenges worldwide. There is no obvious universal solution. What we need are local, situation-oriented tailored solutions, partly based on creative, cross-sectoral thinking. In the first instance, this approach calls for a precise picture of the relevant raw material...

Value in the watercycle
Multiple Value Creation, The New Normal
by Henk Jan van Alphen MSc

On November 26, 2019 KWR organized meeting in the context of Water in the Circular Economy. With focus on three pilots where KWR and various partners are researching multiple value creation: using a single means to achieve multiple goals. These goals are related to the transition to sustainable energy, climate adaptation and circularity....